The More You Give Away, The More You Win

5 Things Small Business Owners can learn from Content Marketing World 2013

Content Marketing World

As a small business owner it’s easy to get absorbed in the day to day operations of your business. Want to come up for air or stop to smell the flowers? We’ve got no time for that.  We’ve also got no time to pay attention to what a bunch of marketers are doing at a conference about a seemingly … Continue reading

How to Beat Your Competitors on the Web

Mexico City Street Tacos

In our last article we discussed How to Attract Clients When They Don’t Know They Need You Yet. But once they know they need you, or at least they know they need somebody like you, how do you make sure your customers choose you instead of your competitor, especially after they’ve Googled you or … Continue reading

How to Attract Clients Who Don’t Know They Need You (Yet)

Eddie Van Halen

  Van Halen was one of the greatest rock bands of the 80s. Eddie Van Halen revolutionized heavy rock’n’roll guitar playing, and paved the way for a new crop of guitar virtuosos. Original lead singer David Lee Roth whooped and hollered on … Continue reading

How a Local Gym Uses the Power of Value Marketing to Pump You Up

Chad Byers

Remember that line from the movie School of Rock when Jack Black’s character says “Those that can’t do, teach – and those that can’t teach, teach gym?” That line definitely does not apply to Chad Byers, owner of Beyond Fit, a new Austin, TX-based … Continue reading

Value Marketing is profitable – very profitable

Giving and Receiving

I’ve talked a lot about how value marketers give away valuable and free information. But I haven’t talked about how this can actually make you money. This is kind of an important topic, don’t you think? 1.   You activate the Law of … Continue reading

The Value Marketing Model


If customer behavior has changed fundamentally, then your mentality has to change fundamentally. First, why do I say mentality and not behavior? What has eluded all of us (until now), is how to change our view of the world. Our attitude has … Continue reading

Introducing Value Marketing

Value Marketing

How to Be Successful at Marketing in 2013 and Beyond “May you live in interesting times” is a phrase that has been attributed to an old Chinese proverb. Although its origin hasn't really been proven, the phrase has never been truer than … Continue reading

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